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Top 8 Linen Tablecloths for the Summer

With summer just around the corner, it is time to start planning your dining room’s décor with fancy table clothes so you are ready to entertain during the hot summer season. When we think of summer, we think of bright colours, radiant sunshine, and vibrant natural elements come to mind so it is only natural that your dining room décor represent the icon images of summer.

This year’s decor trends capture summer’s naturally vibrant beauty. Bringing those seasonal hues into your dining room with linen table cloths will create an inviting and refreshing look in your dining room.

Bahama Leaf Runner

Our Bahama leaf fancy table cloth beautifully represents the tropical temperatures of a flourishing summer. The beautiful bright green and blue leaf tones create a refreshing, pretty look to your area. The multi-hued cloth can be combined with solid coloured dinnerware and table linens to create a tropical paradise in your dining area. View Product

Lemon Tree

Our lemon tree pattern brings all of today’s hottest trends into one beautifully designed table linen cloth. The bright yellow citrus fruits hanging from branches blossoming with vibrant green leaves and white flowers is a true representation of a thriving summer. Adding a gorgeous citrus designed fancy table cloth to your dining room furnishings will give your space a bright splash of vivid colour just in time for summer. View Product

Flamingo Paradise

Bring a tropical paradise into your dining area with one of our more popular fancy table clothes. With the bright pink flamingo in front of large, vibrant green leaves and a black and white striped background, this beautiful linen table cloth represents summer in the tropics. his beautifully vibrant table covering represents everything tropical. View Product

Emerald Green

Green is one of the biggest colours in home decorating trends this year so adding our emerald green elegant tablecloth to your dining room will create the perfect stage for all your summer dining decor. The rich, vibrant shade adds a vibrant summery vibe to your room. The bold colour can easily blend with other colours and patterns to create the perfect summer inspired setting to any contemporary or classical dining area décor. View Product

Pink Palm

This beautiful pink palm dining table cloth mixes shades of pinks and purples together in a leafy pattern on a solid white backdrop. The multi-coloured design creates a dazzling, vibrant design to your table setting. The boldly beautiful impressions can be easily mixed with other solid or floral patterns. View Product

Butterfly Paradise

If you are looking for a fancy tablecloth, our butterfly paradise linens will meet all your dining room decorating needs. Beautifully intricate butterflies’ flitter around soft pink flowers, vibrant blue berries and rich green leaves to exemplify an enchanting summer day in the garden. View Product

Rose Pink

Our rose pink fancy table cloth will give your room a fun, flirty look this summer. The beautifully bright pink tone easily compliments contemporary and classic décor styles. Whether you are looking to make a bold statement or add a touch of softness to your summer décor, the rose pink table cloth is a great addition to any dining room decor. View Product

Vintage Garden

The vintage garden dining table cloth looks like a country garden with the charming blue floral pattern on a white antique backdrop. The classic, two tone table linen cloth design will give your dining room an appealing countryside look. View Product

If you are looking to spruce up your dining room with summery designs and colours, our solid and print table cloth linens are the perfect addition to your area. Our non-reversible linen table clothes are made of 100% premium polyester and come in 18 x 18 in size. Order your fancy tablecloth today so your dining area decor is ready for the summer season.

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