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Linen Tablecloth: Why Buying is Better Than Renting

Every big event such as a wedding starts with a budget and so, naturally, you’ll do what it takes to save some cash. So, what about renting tablecloths and other table linens for your party needs? You might assume that renting table linens would save you more money than buying because you only intend to use them “this one time”. That makes sense for many party accessories. You probably won’t buy a chocolate fountain or a soft-serve ice cream machine, but think carefully when it comes to renting table linens for your wedding, birthday party or other important events.

It’s time to let you in on a little secret that some folks in the party supply industry don’t want you to know about: The potential money you could save buying table linens instead of renting is so much, that you could spend that extra cash to elevate other parts of your event including food, drinks and entertainment.

Linen Closet Home is here to help with all of your table linen needs. We are a small, local business and we are passionate about helping you curate the perfect items for your big day.



There’s no debate, buying linen tablecloths is cheaper than renting. Renting your linen tablecloths, table runners and napkins from the other guys costs on average 50-100% more than buying your table linens from Linen Closet Home. So, why are you paying so much more for rentals? These companies have lots of overhead costs to provide you with their services including the transportation and laundering of the linens. At Linen Closet Home, we are a family-run business that truly cares about the quality of our products and the happiness of our customers. Our table linens are sourced from local artisans who hand-select the finest quality materials, which means that we can give our customers the best possible price.



  • Buying table linens is way cheaper than renting from a party supply company. Buying table linens from Linen Closet Home can be up to 3x cheaper than renting from our competitors.
  • At Linen Closet Home, our table linens are made from the highest quality materials, superior to the stuff used by rental companies.
  • Your table linens will be brand new and never used by anyone except you. This way, you won’t have to think about how many people have eaten, and subsequently spilled food and drink all over them.
  • These table linens are now yours forever! Machine wash and store away. Having them on hand means one less thing to think about when you’re planning your next event.
  • You get exactly what you want! Linen Closet Home has dozens of colours and patterns to choose from, meaning there is something special to go with any event, no matter your theme or sense of style.
  • You have complete control over how your linens look for the big day. Rental companies will often deliver the linens folded, meaning you’ll have to iron out any creases. This is time-consuming and the rental company will probably charge an additional fee to do it for you. Also, if you notice any stains that the rental company missed, it’ll be too late and you’ll have to live with that annoying eyesore. Chances are, the rental company won’t be able to offer replacement linen in time.
  • Don’t want your linens anymore? At least you can make some money back by selling them online. You could also do some good for your community and donate them to a local school or charity.


  • You have to launder your linens, but you were doing laundry anyways!
  • You have to store them in your home, but they fold up so nicely!

If you purchase table linens for your wedding and you’re not planning another big event any time soon, as we mentioned, you could see or donate them, but there are many ways to use them for different projects. If you’re the crafty type, try re-purposing the high-quality material used in all Linen Closet Home products to make curtains, pillowcases or any other DIY project. However, if there is one takeaway from all of this, it’s that buying your linens will save you money in the long run and who doesn’t love saving money?

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