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Table Cloth Sizes Guide

Many do not realize that the tablecloth is an important feature of a table to elevate the experience of the ones using the table. The right tablecloth size will make an impact—and set the stage for the meal you're serving—whether it's an elegant linen cloth for your dinner party, a plain solid look to match with your daily dinnerware and utensils, or a pleasant graphic print or vinyl look for an outdoor picnic.

Your goal is to use a tablecloth that covers the table and ripples over the sides. Lengthen the tablecloth length on either side for a more dramatic look. This feature can build a puddle effect on the floor that is perfect for extravagant parties. Standard table cloth sizes extend from 6 to 12 inches from the side. Follow our table cloth size chart below as this article will provide you with the details you need in order to purchase the right tablecloth for your event and your guests.


 Size of Table Cloth to Purchase Number of Seats Table Size
60” Round 2-4 Anywhere between 38” to 45” diameter
70” Round 4-6 Anywhere between 45” to 60” diameter
90” Round 6-8 Anywhere between 60” to 78” diameter

Subtract the linen diameter from the table diameter, then divide by two to get the drop of your round tablecloth.  For example, if your table is 60 inches long and your tablecloth is 135 inches long, subtract 60 from 132 (135-60) to get 75. Then divide 75 by 2 to get a 30 in drop.


 Size of Table Cloth to Purchase Number of Seats Table Size
52” x 52” 2-4 Anywhere between 28” x 28” to 40” x 40”
70” x 70” 4-6 Anywhere between 46” x 46” to 58” x 58” diameter

The length of a square table is measured from one side, and the drop is measured using a simple formula: subtract the table length from the length of the linen, then divide by two.  For example, if your table is 24 x 24 inches and your tablecloth is 70 x 70 inches, you would subtract 70 from 24 (70-24) to get 46. After that, divide 46 by two to get a final drop of 23 inches. That's nearly 30 inches which should be used. 


Size of Table Cloth to Purchase Number of Seats
 Table Size
52" x 70" 4-6
Anywhere between 28" x 46" to 40" by 54"
60" x 84" 6-8
Anywhere between 36" x 60" to 48" x 72"
60" x 104" 8-10
Anywhere between 36" x 74" to 48" x 90"
60" x 120" 10-12
Anywhere between 36" x 94" to 48" x 104"
60" x 145" 12-14
Anywhere between 36” x118” to 48” x 130” diameter

In order to calculate the desired table cloth length for your rectangular table- follow these steps:

Subtract the length of the table from the length of the linen you have and the table width from the linen width, and then divide both outcomes by two. For example, for a 36 x 60-inch rectangular table with a 60 x 110-inch tablecloth, start by subtracting 36 from 60 (60-36=24) and 60 from 110 (110-60=50). Then you divide 24 by 2 (24/2=12) and 50 by 2 (50/2=25) which means your tablecloth will drop 12 inches by width and 25 inches by length.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Tablecloths should have a 6- to 8-inch drop from the side of the table to the bottom of the tablecloth for more casual events of informal activities. Tablecloths with a 15-inch drop from the side of the table to the bottom of the tablecloth are appropriate for more formal occasions. However, this also depends on the specific look you desire to have regardless of occasion. 


Round Table – anywhere between 70” to 90” round

Square Table- around 70” x 70” inches

Rectangular Table - from 52” x 70” inches or a 60” x 84” inches


It is important to consider your table measurements; the number of people being seated and the reason for your purchase. Your tablecloth size and type should set the tone for any kind of gathering: from a backyard picnic with a shorter length tablecloth and a laminated sort of fabric to a variety of formal and informal dinner parties, which require subtly and length- there's something for everybody (patterns, plain colours to sequins). Select a look that complements the theme of your gathering.

At Linen Closet Home, we offer a variety of options of tablecloth sizes and designs that can be tailored to your liking. Contact us today for your next tablecloth purchase.

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